Original Equipment Manufacture/Original Design Manufacturer


Our factory has been flagged by green enterprises and is located in Weinan Economic Development Zone. During the 20 years of operation, we have strictly followed the relevant laws and regulations of the national environmental protection department and devoted ourselves to building humanistic enterprises, green enterprises and conscientious enterprises. In the process of production, we strictly control every link to ensure products. Use safely and safely.


OEM/ODM customized factories, professional positioning of brand OEM, the group's own advertising marketing planning enterprises, NetRed MCN institutions, visual effect teams, training teams, to truly achieve brand side trusteeship, one-stop service.


We have well-equipped bio-physical and chemical laboratories, automatic production lines, 100,000-grade purified clean area of production workshop, EDI ultra-pure water preparation workshop, engaged in daily chemical industry and have many years of work experience of compound talents in our company.



The quality of raw materials is an important link affecting the safety and efficacy of products, and it is also the key to determine the cost.

In recent years, our company has cooperated with many international giant raw material enterprises, relying on their own raw material production, R&D experience, strict quality, committed to providing high quality, efficient, cost-effective products for the brand.